Welcome to Fair Trade Love

Welcome to Fair Trade Love


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Fair Trade Love guarantees all the basic principles and concepts of Fair Trade, but we facilitate those organizations who are too small to be members of the Fair Trade Federation or other internationally recognized Fair Trade Organizations.  Similar to 10,000 Villages in our small business practices, we take it a step further and donate a large majority of the revenue to a respective community based project pertinent to the CBO or NGO we are facilitating.  

A great deal of time and research has been invested in determining some of the best Fair Trade Coffee we could find where our wholesaler invests in growing communities globally.

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Love Locks


Benefiting the Grace Center in Kazungula, Zambia, our Love Locks are made of recycled newspapers and magazines.  100% of net revenue goes towards programs of the Grace Center, a shelter for children trafficked along the Capetown-Congo corridor.

This particular cause is nearest and dearest.

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*Reduce*Reuse*Recycle* Tire Earrings


Our dear friends at the 'Mahila Shakti' handicraft workshop facilitate 'women's empowerment' by employing many women suffering from leprosy: http://www.krmef.org/handicrafts/ 

Meet the fascinating founder, Krishna Gurung, and learn more about this compelling NGO:  https://vimeo.com/283415138/0b3c505f12  

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